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Thank you for your interest in our services. We service residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional clients in the Springfield, MO and surrounding areas.

Lock Change:
Break-ins, lost or stolen keys, employee changes, many things can compromise your key security. We are able to rekey existing locks, securing your building without the need for expensive hardware replacement.

Restricted Keys:
If it is critical that keys not be duplicated, restricted keys and locks are the way to go. We offer reasonable priced products that make it virtually impossible to duplicate keys without your personal consent. Secure your key system and maintain that security.
replacement lock change, employee changes secure building, lost keys stolen
Sometimes it may be necessary to provide access to one area, but not another, but you don't want to carry more than one key. In such cases you can masterkey the locks. We are able to create a masterkey that fits multiple locks. Those same locks can have their own key, called individual keys. This is useful in controlling the "traffic flow" of personnel within a building complex. Masterkeying is used in landlord/tenant situations, building maintenance and security, and many other applications. We design, install and maintain masterkey systems.

Lock Replacement:
We repair or replace worn, damaged or out of date locks. More durable or tighter security locks are available.
  • Grade 1 - commercial
  • Grade 2 - light commercial
  • Grade 3 - residential
These locks are available in a variety of price ranges.

Other Services Include:
  • Interchangeable core lock cylinders
  • Padlocks keyed to your building keys
  • Padlocks keyed alike or masterkeyed
  • Automotive transponder keys cut and programmed
  • Automotive locks repaired and repinned
  • Safe locks changed
  • Deposit box service

About Us

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